Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Am Thankful

It seems as though I often find myself thinking about the things for which I am grateful. Every day when I wake up, I peer into the bedrooms of my sleeping children and my heart overflows with pride and complete adoration for the two of them. I am so thankful I have them in my life! I realize that even though the day-to-day routine of raising children is a tiring and sometimes thankless job, I would not trade it or them for anything! They are a gift from God. They are my present and my future. They are what drive me to work hard to move forward in life. I will always love and provide for them, teach them the lessons of life and pick them up when they fall. Being a parent is not always fun. It is not always enjoyable, but it is always rewarding and worth every bit of energy you put into them. I hope to guide them appropriately in life and when it is time to set them free, I want them to soar freely to conquer every dream they have ever had! The will know I will always be here to celebrate their successes and comfort them when life throws them curveballs. Thank you for reading my thought for today. I hope you are able to stop and reflect on those who mean the world to you. The love you feel for them is what will sustain you, real soul food.

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