Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Isn't It Time to Forgive?

We all have our moments of anger and frustration. That is the result of having emotion. Some people have more passionate emotion than others. I have been guilty of this alot in my life. The thing I have learned and want to get across is it has never served me or anyone I know to hold onto anger and frustration. It only hinders prosperity. When you harbor ill-feelings, it rots in your soul and the result is not peace and it certainly is not joy. It is ok to forgive someone who has hurt you. It is not ok to allow that hurt to continue to determine the kind of life you are going to lead. You have a choice to let things go. Put it up to a higher power to deal with. Let whatever it is, no longer be your deal. Living free from anger is a wonderful way to live. It helps to remember I am not perfect and I have qualities that, at times, are less than desirable. I am always glad when others forgive me if I am sharp tongued, rude or self-righteous. On the other side, it feels great to forgive. It is completely freeing of the spirit. Make more room for joy and peace within. Don't allow worry, shame, anger and resentment to fill the spaces within you. It will ruin you and all your potential. It is like feeding your body nothing by sugar and fat, instead of wholesome, nourishing food. Start with you mind. Think good of others and your best self will emerge. Be conscious and present with yourself. Form a new habit. Live with joy. It is a choice.

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