Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Take Care of Yourself

If anyone knows about the act of caring for others and skipping right over number one, it's me. I love to please everyone, but sometimes it steals my PEACE! Recently, I have found myself bumping into tons and tons of reminders that taking care of ME is the only way to offer my best to others. Balance is where it's at! What we all need is to treat ourselves well. Eat well, exercise, rest regularly, sleep enough, have some fun on a regular basis. Try it and see what can happen in your life. For me, it broadens my view of life. It makes me aware of all that plays into what makes life so rich. Doing small, but regular things for myself allows me to see way past the craziness of my schedule, the piles of things I have committed myself to and allows me to see all the small miracles in my life every day. My kids, my husband, my friends and family are all more visible to me. They are the gifts that have always been there, but have somehow become clouded by the "stress" of life. The diversions that I put in my life, allowing my focus to stray from what truly matters. It is simple, actually, just meditate on the fact that you can have PEACE in your life too. You already have it. Choose it. Make it the rhythm of your existance. When things happen to muddy it up, it will not matter nearly as much or last half as long. Make a decision today to have peace and start enjoying what you already have. Nothing else really matters.

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  1. You are so right! A peaceful, stressfreel, tranquil home is so important. It is possible to have this, regardless of the circumstances surrounding you.