Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pulling It All step at a time.

The last post I shared was a doozie! I know it was a lot to think about. I can not stress the importance of really giving some time to thinking about what your BEST SELF looks like. Take your time creating a vision of her in your mind in a physical sense. That is the easy part. The more difficult task is feeling who she is within. Remember, she is already in existence, but has been hidden away.

You are on your way to creating a vision or a "why" you are willing to work hard at changing some of your behaviors. It is not easy to change behavior, especially for those of use that have arrived in the "mid-life". We can do this, one step at a time. Remember to keep a journal to stay on task and have a record of your progress.

My hope for all of us is to embark on a journey that will encourage self-recognition, self-acceptance and self-growth. Growth is at times painful, but even more so it is rewarding. The end result is an amazing metamorphosis.

You are not alone. I am here for you and with you. My heart is full of nothing but good intentions for all of you who chose to come along in this very special journey to your BEST SELF.

Much love,

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