Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who is your BEST SELF?

Ever since we were little girls, we have had dreams. When we were young it was fun to day dream about the woman we would someday become. Let's do that again. Take some time to imagine your best self...picture her physically in your mind. Once you do that make a journal entry exploring the following questions. Write down your answers in as much detail as possible.

Task 4: Journal Entry to discover your BEST SELF

~ Describe her physical attributes in detail. (Go ahead, shoot for the stars. This is, after all, your very best self.) Is she thin? I she curvy? Is strong and muscular? Describe her face, her skin, her hair, her smile. Describe the shape of her body. Look at her arms, her shoulders, her posture, her chest, her waist, her hips. How about her booty and legs? What does she look like? How does she appear to you? Is she confident? Is she friendly? Daring, kind, engaging, interesting, interested? Does she glow when she is inspired? What inspires her? Does she illuminate the room when she appears? Who is she? Really deep down inside. What are her hopes for her life? What is really important to her? Her family? God? Her friends, her job, what really matters to her? Is she a doer or is she a dreamer? How will she be remembered 100 years after she leaves this earth. How does she wish to be remembered?

There are so may facets to your BEST SELF. Take your time with this. Revisit this exercise often. Feel free to change your description as she evolves. She is rare. She is unique and she is waiting to be born.

This is an exercise of true love of self. We may not always love what we see in the mirror or what we hear our voices speak or a minds think, but we are totally free to be whoever we want to be....she is in there. She is aching to meet you when the time is right.

Truly yours with love and kindness,

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