Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When In Doubt, Just Keep Moving!

That pastry is only as good as your next workout. Balancing calories in with the right amount of physical activity is the name of the game. However you chose to look at it, exercise is as vital to physical health and sanity, in my opinion, as oxygen is necessary to life. Don't stress if you can't find the time to do your normal workout, just do something, most days of the week. Always take one day off from vigorous exercise to rest and regroup. It is a proven fact that if you exercise regularly and it is part of your lifestyle you are more apt to make better food choices. Exercise have a huge impact on your mood, your choices, your energy level and in general how you view yourself. You are more than worth the time it will take to get a quick workout in?

Task #3 Keep a journal of your workouts. Also log how you felt before you got your workout in and how you felt right after you finished. I would be willing to bet that in no time at all you will be seeing a strong correlation between exercise and having a great attitude.

Don't make me come drag your butt to the gym or outside for a walk to adjust your attitude. You can do this! You will see!

Much love,

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