Monday, January 16, 2012

10 Day, 10 Question Challenge... learning to ask the right things to live your BEST life.

I could not sleep this morning. I awoke at 1:30 am. I tossed and turned until 3am. I finally got out of bed to try to work through the unsettled feeling I was experiencing within.  My dilemma is not my reason for writing this blog, but rather it was something I read during my time alone this morning. I encourage all of you to take the challenge I am about to share with you.  I am including the link to article that led me to this challenge. It is my intention to learn how to ask the right questions in life to yield the process necessary to finding my true self.  I want to become authentic self. It is very import to me that I find my way to becoming who I am. I want nothing more than to learn, grow and share the experience for the better of not just me, but the people who are in my life.

Here is the article. Please take a few minutes to read it through. I think it could help us all.

Question 1: What am I grateful for?  

This is something I have thought about so many times in my life. It is not simple or concrete. Where do I start?  I always fear I may forget something or someone important.  I have some much to be grateful for. It sounds so cliche'. I promise you, I do not take this lightly.  I think about the normal things that people thank God, home, food, water, nature, family, friends, job opportunities, money, and so much more.  I am really trying to think outside the box. What am I grateful for? What has really shaped my life? Protected me and those I love. Brought joy, excitement and victory to my life?  What has helped me grow and become strong and able?

Personally, I think the one thing that keeps popping into my mind are the trials in my life.  With each hardship, I have recognized the most inner growth and resulting maturity.  I was never happy or grateful for the trials as they presented themselves to me, but it is the resulting inner change that I now see as the good that came to be.  Losing a mother at age 53 to heart disease, unexpectedly, is not something I would have ever asked for in my life or the lives of our family. In the moment, it was deeply painful and left a void that nothing could fill.  On the flip side, my nursing career took on a new flavor. The passion to care for and teach others magnified. My loss made me excel.  It guided me to be more than ordinary. I wanted to understand the disease and it's effect on people and their families. A new spark ignited within me to be more empathetic and more observant and mindful in caring for my patients.

Like most people, I have faced situations that were not pleasant, but always found in hindsight, that there was something gained. I have learned that I am always grateful for options. Options that allow me and my family to have the peace that is intended for us in life.  I am grateful for the support of others whenever I have needed it and for my willingness to allow others to help. I am also grateful that I enjoy helping others so much. It allows me to be whole.  A helper, that is what I am. That is what makes me feel alive.

I have been so blessed with friends that understand the meaning of unconditional love of others.  I am inspired by those who find the same happiness in recognizing others' needs and trying there best to meet them. I strive to always be the kind of person that never puts herself first. Putting others before myself does not mean I do not think I deserve the nice things in life or to have inner peace and happiness. It only means I try to give what I can expect to receive.  The "golden rule", a principle to live by if you want to have a joyful and fulfilling existance.  That is it for day one.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts tomorrow. What quality relationships in my life do I need to maintain or grow? I look forward to exploring this one. It is a biggie.....until tomorrw, live your life to the fullest and in the moment.

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