Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 8: How can I be more spritual(not more religious) and connect to the bigger picture?

Sprituality is something I need in my life. I cannot feel whole if I do not connect with God. This does not mean I am a fanatical religious person. What it means is I take the skills that I have been given by God and use them to glorify Him. I am a normal person that never imposes my religious beliefs on others. My spiritual walk is mine. There are a few things I like to do to keep myself grounded in my faith.

I am answering all of these questions honestly and very personally, so if there is anything I am doing that you do not agree with, you are free to comment, but I will not defend myself. I am simply sharing a piece of myself that normally, I would not make public. 

The first thing I do in my spiritual practice every day is to never start my day off abruptly. Morning is my time for quiet and reflection. I intentionally get up before the rest of my family to have the option to sit and quietly meditate on my intentions.

Many mornings I listen to my favorite Christian speaker, Joyce Meyer. She has always spoken to my heart. Her messages and style appeal to me. She has a way of setting me on the right path and giving me a positive perspective on handling life's challenges from a Godly perspective. You know, what would Jesus do?

All day long, I am trying to practice mindfulness. My goal is to slow down long enough to experience everything as is should be. I try to eat my meals away from my desk, focusing on one thing at a time. I try to make myself aware of all my senses. It makes you feel alive and connected to the big picture. Good positive, life nourishing energy is the end result.

Nature is the absolute best way to connect to that which is so much larger than me. There are so many small miracles in nature. Take a walk in the woods sometime and notice the sound of the wind and the fine cracking of the dried leaves and twigs under your feet. Smell the sweet aroma of the pine trees and the wild flowers or dried vegetation in the fall. Notice a spider web glistening in the sunshine with millions of tiny water droplets making it visible to the eye.

There are so many ways to become connected spiritually. Everyone has their own experience. Each as beautiful as the next. The common thread is the feeling of peace and interconnectedness that having a spiritual life provides.  Nurture this part of you. Take the time to make it a priority and see how different life can be.

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