Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 5: What do I need to learn right now to help me one year from now?

I think the one thing I can focus on right now that will help me in one year and on-going,  is to slow down and do one thing at a time. I stuggle with multi-tasking because at the end of the day I often wonder what I have accomplished. It all comes down to having more focus on the task at hand. 

I recently had a conversation with my boss about setting my personal goals for 2012. When I shared my determination to better manage my time, she suggested listing out the priorities for the day and starting with the first one. She shared one of her approaches is to set a timer for 45 minutes. When it sounds, get up and give myself a 5 or 10 minute break. Stretch, drink some water, walk around or do whatever it takes to rejuvenate. If I have not finished the task, set the timer again and pick up where I left off. I find it rewarding to be able to check off the items on my list as I complete them. Along with work-related activites, self-care should be on that list every day. I will get back to this subject later.  As for my tasks, I prioritize them to help me work toward bigger goals. It is my intension to build tasks into my days that help me attain much bigger long-term goals.  The daily tasks are the stepping stones for succeeding at the bigger picture.

A year from now, provided I work hard at setting easily achievable daily goals, I should be able to meet the bigger expectations I have for myself.  I have several professional goals and personal goals that I plan to approach in this manner. On a personal level, I have found that by remaining physically active, I am more likely to live a happier and more productive life. Even on days when my energy level is running low, I have made a self-proclaimed promise to do something active every day.  This is crucial to my success in all other aspects of my life, not just physically. Exercise keeps me positive and motivated and interested in learning and growing. Getting my heart pounding and the sweat flowing breaths life into my body and my mind. Creativity flows more easily and my energy level and stamina multiplies.  Some days are harder than others, but this year I have to learn to build the very important habit of remaining physically active, no matter what.

What can you be doing this year that will help you one year from now?

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