Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 4: How can I change my daily activities in a way that helps me use my talents and gifts and passions more often? Am I in the right career?

Lucky for me, today's question comes easy. I do feel I am working in the field of my passion. I am a firm believer that managing your health and practicing self-care are what it takes to have a greater quality of life.  I feel very blessed to have gained exposure to the preventative side of medicine. I do often miss the clinical aspects of nursing, but I can go to bed each night assured that I am helping my clients potentially avoid the life-altering effects of chronic disease. 

I strive each day to learn and grow, building my potential to be an effective Health Coach. I will continue to educate myself and improve in the areas I need to focus and massage the strengths I already possess. It feels good knowing I can make a difference in the long-term lives of the people with whom I work.

I encourage you to explore your life's passion.  In today's world most of us do not have the luxury of working in the field of our deepest personal interest, but we can find ways to feel like we make a difference. Dig deep. This can take some time and effort. Read up on subject matter that peaks your interest and stimulates your creativity. Volunteer to help those that are less privileged than you. Spend some extra time connecting with your kids, significant other, family and friends. Find a way to do something kind and unexpected for someone today. When you find the answers within, you will know. You will never regret the work you had to do to get there.

These are all things I will be doing as well.  Even though I am happy to say I already work in the area of my passion, I still need to practice self-exploration to find the many strengths and passions within.  Never stop learning and growing.

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  1. Hi Mel
    Love love love you site, I didn't know you blogged ! so glad to have you in my computer everyday, and on my ipad on flipboard. Thanks for this series, it is really making me introspective. Please have a look at Soul Pancake website, fun and thought provoking.
    Hugs and kisses